Open Looking Closed Mesh

I baked a closed mesh but some faces disappear in the Rhino viewport. I obtained top and bottom by deforming two square meshes along Z, then extracted the naked edges and built the sides; I’ve tried to flip the normals of the parts, weld the edges and rebuild.

What’s the issue here? The sides’ topology apparently match the vertex count of both top and bottom. I tried to join the sides with only one cap and it seems to work fine.

Open (972.3 KB)


It was a problem of mesh normals… but you were really close (unintended pun, I promise) !
Open (973.4 KB)

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Fantastic! Why didn’t it work though? Once I unified the normals of one part I expected that either by flipping the other one or feeding it straight into the “join” component there wouldn’t be any issues.

Yess, if you the unify normal component after your join mesh component, it will work just fine !
I guess the top mesh was messing up the rest, but unify after joining is usually the way to go