Open file - backups and names UI issue

Hi guys,

Every day when I open a file from a folder I have to double check that I click on the Rhino file and not the Backup.
Which is a clear indication that the UI can and needs improvement.

The way I see it we have three options:
1 - the default “All compatible file types” should exclude backups.
2 - the backupfiles should have -Backup- added to the end of the file name
or my favourite:
3 - gray out all backupfile names like this:


I think this is the best option.


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Good point @Holo!

My favourite would be option #1… or maybe adding " _ Backup _" to the start of the filename, so that they are easily discernable, even with loooong filenames (where the end is often cut off in the file browser).


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Good point. That would work well in explorer as well.

Some great ideas here. Adding Rbkp at the beginning will delineate and group together Rhino backup files for handier use in all file selection situation, whether OS or app. I think keeping the prefix as short as possible will allow as much room as possible for the actual filename.

Having Rhino grey them out would add utility within Rhino.



I’ve had the same issue - it’s not easy to identify the model file so I’ve been looking at the Rhino options to see if the backup can be hidden from view in explorer. Or, if you can hide the backup files in windows.

I think that greying out the files in explorer would be great, or for me hiding tem altogether somehow.