Ooof, rollback?

Is it possible to roll back to an earlier WIP? The speed in this one is making it rather unusable. For instance, printing a sheet that might have taken 15 seconds in the previous week’s WIP takes about 15-30 minutes in this week’s, during which time everything (including other apps) is quite laggy. Editing text in layout is back to being a character a second or less.


I guess the obvious would be to uninstall and install the previous one? I would make sure to export my settings before doing so but apparently @pascal seems to hint that this isn’t necessary - or am I misreading this?

If you are automatically downloading updates, the previous one should still be present in the update directory:

Note that editing text in a layout doesn’t lag on my system (but I’m on a slightly newer daily). Maybe the cause should be found before uninstalling?

Hi Wim - I guess I’d always officially recommend saving off options - I do have mine backed up, but I find I don’t need to use the backup, day to day, when uninstalling and reinstalling. I deleted my settings file in testing and that did require using the backup.( I imagine the settings file has everything you need that can be saved…)

However, what the heck is going on with the WIP - Sam, is it the printing process itself? Printing vector or raster or does it matter? Any details?


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So it seems to be when using a display mode in a detail which has shadows and the skylight is on. This is a drawing of a steel structure with a bunch of nuts and bolts, so there are a lot of objects in the detail (92 block instances, 1 curve, 211 surfaces, 9902 polysurfaces, 671 extrusions, 176 meshes). If I change to a display mode with no shadows or turn off the skylight, plot speeds are back to what I would expect.

It is happening during what I would consider the spooling, where you get the preview of the sheet in green, and as each bucket is processed it clears the green. I am seeing this while printing vector, raster is faster, but the resulting sheet is blank when using a display mode with shadows and skylight. Rhino’s memory usage also greatly increases, going from around 4gb on file open to 8 - 16gb during the plot (just watching the task manager), so perhaps some of the slow down in paging? One detail on this sheet, no clipping planes for that detail (which is the usual speed culprit).