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DYJ - Jewellery Design Automation is a Belgian enterprise specialised in trading fine gemstones, jewels and precious objects.
This website, presented in the style of a luxury magazine, offers our viewers access to the fascinat- ing gemstones we carefully collect, objects of beauty we discover and exciting encounters we make.

Design Your Jewel (DYJ) allows our viewers to entirely personalise their jewel, and have a live preview of what their design will look like, all on the same page.

Because every gemstone is unique in dimensions, colour and shape, we cannot reuse the same designs for different gems. Furthermore because the possible variations are so numerous, it would be also extremely costly to design every single jewellery variations just for one gemstone. Therefore we need to find a way to automate the design of this jewels, as much as possible.

The Jewellery Selection: the jewellery styles available in this jewellery design tools will all be classical and arranged in a logical order. The selection is quite large, however is all based on the same chatons variation. (a chaton is the part of the settings in which the gemstone is set)

Ideal Solution: Ideally, we would scan the gemstone and create a 3D file with the scans on which we would just have to add the colours of the gem. From this 3D gemstone file would be processed by a software integrated to RHINO? that would automate the creation of every single jewel.

To achieve this, a jewellery designer and a software engineer could work together. The designer would lay out the basic rules and requirements to build each jewel, and the software engineer would make that these designs with their rules and requirements can be adapted to any gemstone.

Step 1: scan gemstone
Step 2: colour 3D gemstone file
Step 3: Automate all jewellery designs
Step 4: Automate the application of filters

Second Option: If this is too complex or for a reason or another not possible to achieve, another solution would be that the jewellery designer would design the all variations of chatons for the gemstone alone, and the the software engineer would program that these chatons are assembled automatically to the jewellery settings.

Step 1: scan gemstone & colour 3D gemstone file
Step 2: Design the 8 chatons for the particular gemstone
Step 3: Automate the assembling of the gemstone set in the chaton to the rest of the jewel
Step 4: Automate the application of filters

Filters: One important characteristic of OnlyJewels is the combination of innovation and tradition. Together with a beautiful and realistic 360° video of the finished 3D model of a jewel, there will also be a feature of an old fashioned gouache jewellery illustration. All these filters are available with RHINO and should be automated too.

Here is a link to the project file:
We are looking for someone with the right skills to crack this puzzle, please contact us if you feel you could help :slight_smile: Any comment is welcome!

Hi .

I’m curious.

What is the add value of this project in terms of target comparing to what offers CounterSketch @ Stuller company ?


What is the add value of this project in terms of target comparing to what offers CounterSketch @ Stuller company ?

Good question :wink:
CounterSketch is available in Europe : France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland
CADLINK is the reseller in France

That you’re not tide in to Stuller manufacturing wise for example?

Hello Ben,

post is rather old but still wanted to ask what the process is on the project or if you are still looking for someone.


Greetings Ben,

I sent you a PM regarding this job description. Thanks in advance,

Pablo Mora