Only one step away from being amazing

I started playing around with Rhino 6 and I discouvered that with the new announced feature of “history is ON by default for dimensions” could help us create technical drawings from the 3D-Object directly…AND…if you change the 3d-object…the dimensions change accordingly.
SO…if you use the technical view for a technical drawing…you don’t need to go all the way through “Make 2D” and so on.
BUT now the only missing part would be to be able to set the printwidth for edges and hidden edges.
Any thoughts?
TechDrawing.3dm (73.9 KB)

I produce a lot of layouts too, in V5 I could use either the 3d geometry, and/or 2d geometry from Make2d and get layouts to print fine, in V6 if using just the original 3d objetcs for layouts the lineweights are too thick :(. So at the moment I am using Make2d for all my layouts.