OnLoad() with Python Plugin

Is it possible to do everything with a Python plugin that you can do with a C# plugin? For example, I want load a panel (similar to this example ) when the plug in is loaded at the start of Rhino. It is easy to find the C# examples, and I can read and write them, but I have a problems translating them into Python.

Maybe the better answer is just to write the whole thing in C#. Any tips on how C# translates into Python? Thoughts?

For the most part, yes. But some things are easier done in a plug-ins. Dialogs and forms are a good example.

Why not just use C#?

I think it will be faster if I do. However it is easier to reuse and share some code with teammates who are not strong at programming. Thanks for the advice! I will just build it with C# and save my self many head aches.