Oneview trying out

Hi Pascal, I am trying Oneview out a little. I see the Icon showing in the upper right.
Some things I was hoping to see was: the ability to draw vertical when rotated in a right or front view. How does gumball work while in this mode? For example, nudge . How do the arrow keys work in nudge?
I would work mostly in a perspective view all the time if drawing a vertical line was not an action of ; select line command , type V then make the line. Oneview aeems like it should draw vertical lines automatically when in right or front.
Have I misses what this Oneview vommand is for ? Thanks, Mark

When the icon in the upper right says e.g. Front, just calling the Line command and clicking once for start and once for end points will make a vertical (relative to the world) line. Is that not what it’s doing on your side?

Note, I don’t use either the gumball or nudging…

Hi Wim, maybe I dont have a setting done properly. Not understanding yet on what Oneviews capabilities are. I do see the options are gone for line command when Oneview is enabled. I am unable to get that vertical line as you are describing. —Mark
I take that back about the options. They are there.

And to add - the line will of course only be truly vertical if you draw a line that is parallel to the Y-axis of the OneView Front view…

OneView is just like working in regular Front, Right, … views except that the camera is set to perspective. Not sure how else to put it…

Thanks Wim, I will work with it some more.—Mark

Wim, in the options(Return CPlaneToTop=yes . By default I think was set to no. After setting it to yes, I got the vertical line capability. Does that sound right?—Mark

Another thing I am seeing is, vertical line only works on my end if I type Oneview in command line. Then vertical line only works after that and seems gor only one instance then reverts back to no vertical line capability. Hmmm—Mark

I also needed to have ortho enabled gor it to work. Now I have the hang of it.thanks—Mark

I have mine set to Yes as well. Setting it to No will only make it so that the CPlane stays set to the last one until a new one is reached. With Yes, it will go back to Top when you go outside of the angle that you set in the options. This shouldn’t get in the way of being able to draw a vertical line, though…

I have mine set at a narrow angle - making it work like regular a regular perspective viewport most of the time.

Well… you have to make sure that the line is parallel to the Y-axis of the construction plane. Either by having ortho enabled or by holding your shift key when placing your second point (as a one-shot ortho). But that is just like drawing a line in the Right viewport.