One seriously scandalous Thread. shame on you people

As a matter of fact when I look for items to buy on amazon, games on steam or places to go on booking it is the negative reviews that I read. It is them you have to trust are honest.

@encephalon made it clear it is not personal attack so…I won’t go there.
It is what the person represents, namely McNeel. It is not just Dan. Also there are others that I could not praise more for being helpful regardless.

“Yelling”, is not productive, so isn’t “waiving” issues. And even less people ganging up against one who has expressed one’s frustration.

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I believe what I read in the post, not what people say their intentions should have been interpreted as… - suggesting someone should “submit their resignation” or “stay off the forum” is 100% PERSONAL.


:slight_smile: A figure of speech

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Yeah, right.

If you’re mad at something/someone you say I’m gonna do this and that to this person.

Are you truly planning to do so?
No, it’s a common expression.


Actually I don’t.

:slight_smile: ok, I don’t believe you. There are no such people.

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