One question, may be not relevent. Just curious to know :)

How many developers-friends in the Discourse forum?
I mean Rhino Common developer FRIENDS.

(during the past two months)

Are you from developer forum? I saw your all post in other forum.
I do not think this figure is correct. Because if manually I count it is much higher.

It’s because of people like me that the actual count is lower…

OK. :disappointed_relieved:
Then I am also in your team. So what I understand very few people are here as regular basis.

Thanks !

I don’t really see why size would matter as long as you get the quality answers you need.

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Strongly agree ! I was just curious to know, how many of us are here… I am super happy in the forum. I acknowledge :smile:

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what’s Rhino Common developer Friends?

(just being nosy)

I mean we, who are making noise in the forum every day and talking to each other … taking help from each other… We are all friends, in my opinion :smile:

i thought you meant there was another rhino common forum called ‘friends’ (ie- not this discourse forum)… or something.