One operating program for all data sets

I’m really a beginner on Grasshopper.
I’m working on a project but i didn’t find a solution for my problem, so I made a simplification to my case to ask one question.
I made rectangles and circles with Rhino and then i did "set multiple geometries " with grasshopper, It gives me something wrong. so how can I make the process repetitive without problems?
How can I have one operating program for all data sets (all polylines)? ( 2 files here)
Someone told me about datatrees but i didn’t know how to handle with them. (27.9 KB)
volumes.3dm (67.7 KB)

Try to Graft your referenced geometries. (30.6 KB)
volumes_re.3dm (103.7 KB)

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I would recommend you to have a look at this for data management:

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thank you @HS_Kim & @tim.stark