One more wish list

Ok,how about how about synced display mode as per persons preference. That means if your working a lot in ghosted display, then other views follow this lead. If your working rendered, they all are in render.
So with further explanation. I am working in ghosted top view And want to work right view then it should be ghosted as well. Maybe as an option setting in viewport tab.
Another wish is: ghosted special working color and points on for surface. Ok, pick surface ( whichever display in) it becomes ghosted with a working color that is common but different to what is being used, then points on . All this is done by just picking surface(one step operation)
Oh yes and of course SUB-D

'_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_All _Mode=_Shaded (or ghosted, or whatever you prefer).

Thanks for the info. I will give it a try.
Maybe too particular was to have viewport displays all change in unison as a person cycles through them.
It must be from working in maximize too much so when I switch to the other view its not the same .
I think I can live with what it is now.—Mark