One Minute Projects

i have started so many tiny projects, which basically never took much more than 1 minute. tons are just gathering on my storage which never will surface any light, a handful at least got rendered. before they get lost into oblivion i thought i post them quickly. they are mainly a prove of concept with no complexity or further purpose. modelled in rhino, mixed renders.

i think this one was even rendered with good old rhino render

did you ever see a spherical ground diamond?

freely interpreted rubber band in a standing equilibrium. most work was actually trying to recreate a realistic rubber texture with slight subsurface scattering.

inspired by a modern photographic display of some bauhaus glass

well shrooms then


wonderful thread! update it as you do more!

No. But have not looked either. A hunch - that could be wonderfully incorrect- is that a diamond, especially a high quality one, would not be cut / polished as a sphere for jewelry unless it financially works.

Thank you,