Once more, materials make no sense to me

Here’s a is a simple wall object. I made two materials from imported images, paneling and brick/tile. Neither works as expected. I applied the paneling on the left side wall and it is correct. Applying the SAME material on the right side and it rotated 90 degrees? Why, I changed nothing?

I made the tile image for 3x12 tiles. I imported and applied it. On the front and side of the protruding pony wall, the size is as expected, but aligning the faces is impossible as the U-V offset does not work to move it. Moreover, the same material is applied to the inside faces, and the scale is much larger. Shouldn’t the same material display with the same properties on objects?

Further, I made the two custom materials, but two additional “Custom” materials appear in the panel. It seems they are somehow linked to the materials I made, because If I try to delete them, those materials are also deleted.

WALL.3dm (1006.6 KB)

Hello - by default, materials use the surface U and V to distribute the texture unless the texture is set to use WCS/OCS - which in this context is probably more useful since you can set ‘real’ sizes.


I played with that for the tile, but still go all manner of oddities. I’ll try again, but what about the other problems?

Hello - see the attached file - assuming this is more or less how things should appear, look at the materials and the textures and their sizes… does that make sense?

WALL_PG.3dm (843.3 KB)