ON5 - ON6 differences

I’m trying to update an add-on that previously used openNURBS 5 for the current iteration. For the most part it’s going peachy, but I’ve run into some issues. Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask here to save myself a few nerve cells.

  1. The old ONX_Model_Object used to have an m_bDeleteObject member. Is it completely gone, or just replaced with something else?

  2. There was an Audit method for the ONX_Model (int Audit(bool bAttemptRepair, int* repair_count, ON_TextLog* text_log, ON_SimpleArray* warnings)). Is that no longer an option?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ebarabasi,

In both of your points, the features you mention no longer exist. The ONX_Model_Object class does not exists in new openNURBS version, as it has been replaced ON_ModelGeometryComponent. And, ONX_Model::Audit no longer exists, as it was designed for the “table” system used by older openNURBS.

Given this, is there anything we can help you with?


– Dale