On thicken surface command can we have "through point"

Hi forum, just as when you want to offset a line , there is through point. Can this be implimented for thickening surfaces. Thanks,Mark
I was mostly making co-planer surfaces for some cabinet construction. I could have easily used the extrude command on some curves, so it probably isn’t nescesary. Thanks again

Hi Mark - - is this for OffsetSrf ?


Hi Pascal, in general terms for “thicken surf”. But there are other ways to do it. I mostly was thinking for planer surfs. I hadn’t thought much about it for complex surfaces.Again thanks for keeping an open ear.—Mark

Hi Mark - I’m confused - is the request for a ‘ThroughtPoint’ option in OffsetSrf?


Hi Pascal, that was my original request. I have tended to be more silent in requesting things lately because after a little investigating I See it’s already been implemented.
I guess to thicken a surface with through point would be a lot like extrude, at least on planer type surfaces.
Thanks for everything,Mark