On the subject of non-implemented Python methods

Could the rendermesh methods get some attention soon?

On a more general note: Is it the intention to one day complete these methods so that we have all the Rhinoscript equivalents, or is the current implementation of Python pretty much complete? The word “Yet” in the help file implies that implementation is forthcoming, but is that something we shouldn’t expect in V5?

I’m just trying to determine whether it’s worth continuing to re-do my Rhinoscript scripts in Python and hitting roadblocks, or just wait and do it in the future.



In addition to Dan`s wishes, i would like to see ObjectData methods (using Section, Entry, Value) and SplopObject to be ported to rs Python.


Back on the subject on non-implemented Python methods…

I asked this before, but I don’t recall seeing a response. There are quite a few Python methods not implemented yet. Will they be completed so that the library of Python methods is similar to Rhinoscript? Or is this not going to happen?

If there is no intention of developing Python for Rhino any further than it currently is it would be good to know that. I intended to re-write all my Rhinoscripts into Python, but maybe that’s not possible.

Thanks in advance for any insight into the Python situation.


Hi Dan,
We are continuing to add more functions to rhinoscriptsyntax with each service release, but I doubt we will get to full coverage of the rhinoscript functions during the V5 lifecycle. That said, a pretty significant % of the functions have been implemented and there are other advantages to Python that you probably already know.

Whether it is worth converting your existing scripts right now is up to you. We will continue to support rhinoscript I the next version of rhino so there probably isn’t a rush (unless you are switching to Mac). Maybe it makes sense to just write new scripts in Python and leave what already works alone.

Hi Steve,

Okay, thanks for the information. I think I will continue to convert as time allows, and leave scripts with non-implemented methods alone for now.