On the Multiprocessing of GhPython

Can multi processes in GhPython components achieve this semi circular shape?

I have searched for many methods, but it seems that only ghp. run can achieve multi process. Is there any other multi process method besides this?

import ghpythonlib.parallel as ghp

CPython does not support true multi-threading because of the Global Interpreter Lock. Fortunately, you are using IronPython (C#) which means you could use the (already included) System.Threading.Task library. Which is a great abstraction for working with threads. Preferring multi-threading over multiprocessing is usually the better choice because of not requiring Interprocess communication or complicated data management. However, writing reliable and secure multi-threading code is difficult. Understanding C# can help you here a lot.

Either use the Task.Run method in conjunction with Task.WaitAll or .WaitAny

or use the Parallel.For loop as shown here.