ON_Brep::CreateMesh problem

Hello! I’m trying to read 3dm file and create meshes from BREPs but when I try to use CreateMesh function I get error from linker: “undefined reference to `ON_Brep::CreateMesh(ON_MeshParameters const&, ON_SimpleArray<ON_Mesh*>&) const’”. Also I tried to use GetMesh function it worked fine but I want to create mesh with custom parameters. What can be the problem with CreateMesh function?
Piece of code that I’m working on:

for(int i = 0; i <object_count; i++)
	ONX_Model_Object& model_object = model.m_object_table[i];
	ON::object_type object_type = model_object.m_object->ObjectType(); 

    	if (object_type == ON::brep_object )
	    const ON_Brep* brep = ON_Brep::Cast(model_object.m_object);
	    brep->CreateMesh(mp, temp_mesh_array);
	    //brep->GetMesh(ON::preview_mesh, temp_mesh_array);

The openNURBS toolkit is not capable of creating meshes from Breps. Do do this, you will need Rhino.

More info:


Thank’s for the answer. I was just confused by CreateMesh method of ON_Brep class.

The version of ON_Brep::CreateMesh works in the Rhino SDK, but not in standalone openNURBS.