Ologrammi con Vray

Salve a tutti!
Sono alle prime armi con V-ray, ma vorrei ottenere un materiale in grado di dare l’impressione che gli oggetti 3D siano degli ologrammi. Ho provato utilizzando i materiali Emissive a cui ho aggiunto una texture quadrettata, ma non ho ottenuto un risultato accettabile.
L’effetto che vorrei ottenere è simile a quello di questa immagine.

Qualcuno saprebbe aiutarmi?
Grazie in anticipo,

Google Chrome can’t translate your post here, but I suppose what you ask. :wink:

General you can get an emissive mesh with this setup:

And the inner side can be hidden by using a two sided material:

I would try to add the rays in post work.

Thank you so much! I’ll try your settings.
How have you been able to obtain that “grid effect” with you mesh? Is there a Rhino command to do this?
Anyway sorry for my message in Italian. I wanted to say that I was searching for a way to obtain a hologram effect and that I tried with an emissive material with a checkered texture, but the result wasn’t quite good.

The grid effect shows the render mesh polygons of the sphere. The mesh edges are shown my the “Edges” texture type which is placed in the transparency slot of the Emissive.

Also I would enable the V-Ray lens effects of the frame buffer. So, you could get some nice glow effects of the emissive lines.

(If you need a nice looking mesh structure than also you could use _QuadRemesh of Rhino 7. It helped me sometimes to get a regular quad mesh for visualisation.)

EDIT: For which shape do you need the effect?

Thank you so so much!
Your suggestion are incredible, after so many attempts I’ve been able to achive the effect I wanted. I’m working on a sort of snowy landscape for a school project and I was freaking out :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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