Oldest version of WinRDS that Rhino 5 will take imput from?

Hi, could you please list which versions of WinRDS can function under Rhino 5 and also Rhino 4? I am trying to connect a Romer 3000i arm to my Rhino 5 so basically I’d like to know what is the oldest version of WinRDS that Rhino 5 will talk to. I do know that the newer versions of it are called RDS but they don’t support my 3000i arm which is a serial port unit. My arm does function under WinRDS 5.0.3 but possibly there is a later version of it which still works with my arm (something I’m investigating). If Rhino 5 can’t do it then I’ll set up Rhino 4 then export. I already read this similar post:

Thanks for your help.


If my notes are correct, I was able to get the CimCore Infinite working in Rhino 5 in both WinRDS 7.1.6 and RDS 3.6.1.

Do you still have the Infinite arm?
My problem is that my 3000i arm is serial port (even though I’m running it with a serial to USB adaptor) therefore I have to find out if my arm will run with RDS at all as RDS is known to be compatible with Rhino V5. And if not, which is the latest version of WinRDS my arm will run with and whether that version will run under Rhino V5. And if not, I’ll have to get Rhino V4. At the moment I’m just waiting for my serial/USB adaptor to turn up in the post (due next week) in order to figure out the answer.

I don’t have it currently. I was borrowing it from the customer for whom I was doing the work. I may use it again in the future, but I don’t have a full-time need for it currently. I hope you have success with your USB adapter.

Thank you kindly for replying aeromorrison. The fact that you had a version of WinRDS working under Rhino 5 makes me think that an earlier version (5.0.3) should also work under V5. I just have to wait until the serial to USB adaptor turns up in the post this week and I’ll know one way or the other.
Thanks again.

Ok, I received and installed the Serial to USB adaptor and got it all working in Arm Utilities (WinRDS 5.0.3) then I went into Rhino (V5) > digitize > Romer > Enter and received the message “RDS doesn’t appear to be installed. Do you want to look for it? (as in internet > Romer or Rhino)”. With that I cancelled as I know my arm is too old to work under RDS.
Oh well, Rhino V4 here we come.