Old Toucan Rendering Properties Gone After Update

This is really upsetting. I was basically forced to update because my old version of Rhino expired, but when i did i lost the ability to enable ambient occlusion and lost al my toucan render materials, and now my rendering look awful. Is there anyway i can get a similar affect the ambient occlusion had?

This is mentioned in some other posts on the forum and also was listed in the WIP changes but I can see how you might have missed it if you’ve been on an older build. In short, Toucan is obsolete and will not be in the released version on Rhino for Mac. BUT there is a command in the meantime in the WIP called TestShowToucan which allows you to still use Toucan. You will need to close all open Rhino’s and then restart Rhino to see Toucan in the Render menu>Current Renderer flyout.

With Rhino Render (the Toucan replacement) You can use the skylight in the render properties to create the shadows you are used to with AO in Toucan.