Old Steel Shapes not working in V5

I just tried loading Dales old (2008) Steel Shapes script and have followed his clear instructions in the “ReadMe” file. Typing ‘Steel’ in the command line after drag and dropping the rvb file seems to start the process, but I get a ‘ding’ and a message saying the ini can’t be found. It is in the new folder along with the tb and the rvb but how do I point V5 to the ini? I know the script was written for V4, could that be the problem?

So it would be clear. This is the script: http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/scriptsamples/steelshapes.

Same here. Looks like

configfile = "steel.ini"
filename = Rhino.FindFile(configfile)

returns Null in V5.

Where did you copy STEEL.INI? If it were me, I’d copy the file to some folder that is listed in Rhino’s file search path (Tools -> Options -> Files -> Search Paths).

I created a folder in the Rhino5 Downloaded Scripts folder and called it ‘Steel Shapes’. Then I did the drag and drop onto an open instance of Rhino. I can find the tb file in the search path you describe above and can get the Steel options when typing Steel into the command line. I choose one and then get this message.

OK, I got it.

I created a folder C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5\Plug-ins\RhinoScript\SteelShapes, and added it to Options > Files > Search Paths. It’s working now.

(I also replaced all the instances of “STEEL.INI” with “steel.ini” in steel.rvb just in case.)

Nice job!

By the way, VBScript is not case-sensitive. So there was not need to edit steel.rvb…

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Thanks guys, I found the search path and everything is working fine now. It will be a big help on my present project.

I think you’ll have to add to steel.rvb the following after “Option Explicit”, and drop the script one more time into Rhino:

Rhino.AddStartupScript Rhino.LastLoadedScriptFile
Rhino.AddAlias "SteelWideFlange", "_NoEcho _-RunScript (SteelWideFlange)"
Rhino.AddAlias "SteelChannel", "_NoEcho _-RunScript (SteelChannel)"
Rhino.AddAlias "SteelAngle", "_NoEcho _-RunScript (SteelAngle)"
Rhino.AddAlias "SteelTSection", "_NoEcho _-RunScript (SteelTSection)"

otherwise you’ll get a VBScript runtime error.