Old Rhino 5 models constant loads something from network

I’ll just repeat an issue i had in a multiissue thread, which seems to be overlooked:
Old models, made ind Rhino 5/vray2 is very slow in Rhino 6. not only do their render slow, but previews is impossible to work with. I am reading a constant high load on the network. Do Rhino 6 handle bitmaps differently? Like it constantly try to get the textures, instead of saving them in the RAM. And when i say slow, i mean really slow. Before (Rhino 5) i could work in a simple rendered view (without scene lighting, thats a killer) or in a shaded view with textures show - That viewport mode became more or less the office standard. But now, it brings the computer to a crawl. Which is scary, since i have the newest and fastest machine in the company.
This behavior also seem to affect completely new Rhino 6 files with a lot of textures. I have a simple file with all our main materials assigned to boxes. It worked fine in Rhino 5, but is very resource intense in R6.

Is there a way i can share a confidential model with McNeel. I cannot share a file publicly in here.

Zip up all necessary files and upload at rhino3d.com/upload. Put a link to this discussion in the comments section, I’m sure someone from tech support will have a look.

Hello - V5 rendered viewport did not use skylighting by default - V6 does - so apart from any Vray related problems, try turning off skylight in the rendered mode and see how the performance feels.


The constant load of something is regardless of viewportmode. I think it is related to V-ray, and i have written at their forum too. I was more curious about the handling of textures, because it seems to generally be slower when using many different textures in one file. And the odd thing is the constant 500-1000mbps load do not increase the RAM usage. It was just there for the 40 min i had the file open.