Old Python forum gone?

Hi @stevebaer, i´ve been collecting many useful links pointing to the old python forum but cannot reach that forum anymore. If i try to, it redirects me to http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/python

Will it come back ?


No, we are hoping to have all python discussions here and documentation on the wiki. I also moved all of my old python blog posts over to my wordpress blog.

I realize that in the short term this means there is a reduction in the number of useful links for rhino.python and I’m sorry about that. We’re there specific links that you had for posts? I may be able to dig some specific old posts up and repost them here.

but how do we access the information that was shown it that forum, particularly answers to questions. Will it get migrated somewhere?

We were hoping to reduce the number of servers that we have to maintain. Were you regularly going to the old forum to look up answers? What if you asked the question here and I tried my hardest to write the best answers ever?

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This is not really great. In Panic mode, i´ve now collected the info i had bookmarked by using BigBrothers cache. Some of these links really where helpful for beginners (like me) and might be for others, if possible please transfer to discourse:

7 questions other new Rhino.Python users might have like me

Maybe we should add a book section for all usable languages not only python. And this thread with you and introduction text from Benjamin Golder:


There here has been one thread where @vittorio showed some cool dynamic display using boolean difference of a cylindric part which is shown during the custom getpoint user input. I cannot find it anymore.

thank you ! … it will happen here if you eat forums for breakfast :blush:



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Hi Steve
I agree with reducing the servers and unifying the Rhino forums. Still loosing all the old information is not so great. Could you write a script (python, php, sql, whatever) that transfers the content of the old Python forum database to the Discourse database?
Thanks - S

Unfortunately not. The old vbulletin forum doesn’t even have an API, so there isn’t really a good way to extract the posts. Fortunately discourse is entirely build on top of an API, so we won’t have a problem like that in the future.

How do we know to which Category does each topic-thread belong to?

If you have a question and aren’t sure about the category you can leave it blank. Moderators (McNeel staff) can change the category

Thank you for the quick reply Steve.
I am so sorry for misusing this topic. What I found strange is that I could not identify to which Category does this topic belong to?
Where can I see that?

Ok, I won’t give up yet. So I assume you do not have access to the database that is behind vbulletin. What about extracting it from the web front end. I have done such stuff with Python and Beautiful Soup. If this is not possible the selenium automation framework with Python bindings works also nicely

This is not a small task by any means. I’ve done these types of migration projects in the past and they can take a large amount of time to get right (it took several weeks to migrate from our old wiki server to the one that we currently use and I already knew the ins and outs of how both of those servers worked.)

The python content on this site seems to be growing rapidly which will hopefully replace the lost content of the old server. I am also not completely giving up on the content on the old server and will continue to think about ways to migrate content.