Old plugin for making edges notched for assembly

What was the old plugin that was used to do metal sculptures by unrolling a Rhino model and the adjusting for material thickness and would also add tabs, notches, or holes for pulling the edges together? I think the Rhino user that did the wonderful animals at the Denver Zoo used it for his work.

That would be @heath - maybe he remembers…


Heath, that is the guy! I miss seeing what he is up to. Don’t see him around since the change to the new forum/group. Heath, come home!

You are probably thinking of Lamina from laminadesign.com.

Just mentioning Heath’s name jogged my memory Pascal. The program was Lamina 1.0 and the last ‘news’ on their website in 2007 announcing that it works with Rhinov4. Too bad but I think I might try the demo download and see if I still have an installation of R4 around.


Thanks farined!

You are welcome.

The most recent I could find about Lamina was that some guy ported it to the iPad a couple of years ago and was working on an Android version so it may be open source now. Would love to see it updated for PC once more. Not a plugin actually but standalone and works with mesh exports from Rhino so I guess it is still usable.