Old bottle

hello! well, I’m ashamed: I can’t manage to solve what must be, I think, a rather simple modelization: an “old style” bottle, whose body is, roughly speaking, a flattened cylinder, and the neck, of course, round; I managed to do it very painstakingly with the control tools, but the result is rather unsatisfactory! thanks for your help!!!

if you’ve drunken the content - of course it s hard to get it done.
we are talking about this nice elixir:

just really a very basic version - but might point you in the right or more complex direction:

OldBottle_tp_00.3dm (549.3 KB)

post a file with sections and precise measurements if you need more support.

i ve build:
initial revolve (do a single _curve for this, if you want more complex fillet / blending)
a planar front - of course you can do something more curved / complex here.
a simple constant radius _filletEdge - of course you can also use a setting, where the entire initial revolve disappears …
check the atttached .3dm file - hope this helps - kind regards

If you want something which is easier to edit, you can use SubD. I started with a sphere, squished it in Y-direction deleted the faces for the neck of the bottle and added a cylinder…

subd_bottle.3dm (639.1 KB)

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