Offsetting Torus or round pipe

Why I can’t get closed surface when offsetting torus or round pipe?

Yes, I can do it again with offsetted dimensions but… Rhino 6

Yep, and offsetting a torus makes a bad object as well… in both V6 and V7. @wim, can you write this up? I have to go out now for awhile.

Thanks Mitch - I’ll write something up. I was just looking at this and had it reproduced but then tried in a different Rhino scheme and it worked…

Hi Wagner -

Thanks for that example. It looks like the Corner=Sharp option is responsible for that behavior. If you set it to Corner=Round, it will create a valid closed object. I’ve written this up as RH-63073.

Note that it sounds like you have “object checking” turned off. I would run CheckNewObjects to turn this on so that you get notified when bad objects are added to the document.

Thank you for clearing out this :slight_smile: Nice customer service!

Wim: Thanks for the tip “round”.
What I remember, I turned object checking off because it disturbed my working…

  • Wagner

It shouldn’t. If you are getting that dialog popping up frequently, then there is something wrong. And you definitely do want to know immediately when bad objects are created.