Offsetting these surfaces affects the camera location

Here is an interesting little problem. If I offset the joined surfaces the camera location is affected. Take a look at the attached screenshots. This has happened 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks. There obviously is an issue with one or more of the surfaces, but it’s not readily apparent.

I would attach the file, but I don’t see how to do that. Is file attachment possible yet?



Hi Dan,

Thanks, a file would be good to see here. Please just drag & drop a 3dm into the upload window after clicking on the image upload icon. The 3dm format isn’t seen if you try to choose a file but drag drop works.

Hi Brian,

offset issue.3dm

Thanks for the quick tutorial. That’s easy enough!!


Thanks Dan for reporting this and the sample file.

I filed this bug as RH-20145 if you want to ask about it again. I tried a few things to prevent the target change but it looks like it’s a bug in offset with this specific polysrf. The srfs themselves if exploded don’t cause the change in target. The quick fix is to use zoom selected (ZS) of course but it still shouldn’t happen.

The real bug looks like the offset of the larger flat surface - it has crazy control points… forces the camera way out into space. But only if it is joined to the others when offset.


tested my r5sr3x86 seems didn’t get the camera problem.

We are using SR4 64-bit.