Offsetting points from a network of curves


I have a network of curves created from a surface and want to offset the points of the curves. The first network of curves is shown below.
Screenshot 2022-05-12 011316

I offset the network and tried to manually draw lines from each point to connect it to the inner network. shown below. Can you please help me to extract the points of the network and offset it or connect it to the closest points from the other network of curves.

The end result is to achieve a lattice like network of curves which I can then ‘multi-pipe’ to complete the design. I would ideally want to separate the two networks in different layers to manipulate the sizes separately.

support lines.3dm (196.7 KB)

Do you still have the geometry that you extracted the lines from? This is pretty straightforward if you have the original mesh.
I’ve manually drawn the missing edges and used Mesh.CreateFromLInes() to regenerate a mesh and then offset it as shown using the mesh normals

Offset (16.0 KB)


with multipipe i get something like this.

i guess you want to filter out the naked edges as well?

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Thanks @dharman for the solving the grasshopper issue, what do you mean by filtering out the naked edge?

This is actually the whole model i wanted to connect the network on. I want to replicate that same grasshopper function to this model - connecting the outter lattice to the inner lattice.

The file is 35mb, above the maximum 20mb I can attach. Could you walk me through the steps please?

refer to my script above. You should be working with a mesh, and extracting the edges from that. the mesh gives you the orientation so offset are all on the same side. ive internalized the geometry so it should work. IAt would have been clearer if you showed this image in your original post.
by naked edges i mean the red lines in your orignal image. NOw i see that was just because it was a small part of your larger model

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Thanks a lot !

my pleasure! if my script answered your question please mark it as solution