Offsetting panels

Hi, I have this paneled stone grid, and I would like to make a small 1" space in between the panels. I’ve been able to do it with the square panels, but with the stacked gird, it won’t work?

The 2nd half of the script works for the square panels well not the stacked

  1. Provide geometry input to the scale node’s geometry input
  2. Use numbers from 0 to 2 in the factor input. Right now, you are scaling your panel by a factor of 55
  3. If you want to offset a specific distance, do not use the scale node at all as it won’t give you the desired result

How can I do it if I want to offset from the center?

If your surfaces are planar(flat), convert them to curves and use offset curve node. After that, create surfaces from new curves.

If you want any help on this forum, provide your gh files