Offsetting a pattern

Hi! I have created a pattern with Grasshopper (thanks to you on a previous post) and now I want to achieve a pattern like this picture.
I got to the geometric pattern inside the shape, but I can’t figure out the offset and surfacing step.

Here are the files
Pattern.3dm (372.5 KB) (9.2 KB)

Something like this could get you going. Just need to sort out the details.

180522 patron.3dm (368.8 KB)
180522 (19.3 KB) -> WARNING takes (a bit of) time to load. 10 seconds here.


Damn that was fast! Thanks a lot siemen, i’ll look into it soon

Hi @siemen . After testing it for a while, i’m having trouble when the “radio” slider is set to 30 or so (and increasing “celdas” slider to match the figure), the pattern crashes and gets all messed up. I attach a figure below. Any idea on how to improve this?
Thanks a lot in advance

Yeah as I said I didn’t double check all the details. There might be some things that need to be fixed or improved. But I see I made a small mistake. The range component doesn’t create the correct amount of steps and I think this is what messes it up. Try adding this expression to the range component in the back of the definition.

(or just subtract 1 from the output of the list length component before feeding it into the range component.)

Thanks for that prompt advance! I can’t get it to work still though, the x-1 expression had no effect =(

I tried x-3 and it worked!!..still don’t understand why jeje