OffsetSurface error

Hello Rhino! :grin:

I’m using Rhino V5 (5.11.50226.17195) and V6 (6.0.15097.10441).

I’m trying to Offset with 2mm distance to inner from original polysurface.
offset (2.5 MB)

However, The result is not good.

What’s wrong with this?
Do you know the reason and how to fix? :sweat:

Explode,offsetsrf, Trim, split, blendsrf, filletedge… do it one by one, the only solution…

What he :point_up_2: said.


BTW, I don’t think it’s a good idea talking V6 development in public. This assumes that V6 is not capable of doing stuff. In fact, no one knows answer. Other users might lose hope on this. This is your mistake. For V6, especially the improvements, you should have talked to them in other place. As a Rhinoceros enthusiast, I would not list V6 here.

Thank you for the advice.