OffsetSrf Problem

You’re not by chance looking at the various Iowa class battleships? Those seams in the void spaces look awfully familiar.

I provided the headlamps shown in that video :slight_smile:

Very cool! I’m actually hoping to visit the USS New Jersey and USS Olympia later this summer. I hope whenever you finish what you’re working on with this you can come back and show us the results. I’m quite curious now.

By producing a new version of my original wavy edge curve with 20% fewer points I was able to reduce the size of a finished strap by 60% from 1,696,402 bytes to 698,122 bytes. As a bonus I got a saw tooth that was closer to your illustration instead of a sine.


Volume 1 is out complete with a few Rhino illustrations:

This makes me wonder if turning this into a polynomial curve simplify things? Or is there some good sine wave approximation?

This is a situation where I don’t need great precision (as I often do).

How close to an exact sine wave was the original metal cut?

How do you know it was intended to be a sine wave?

What I have is in the example is exactly what is in the blueprints: a sawtooth with rounded corners.

However, this was place where no great precision was required because these parts do not join anything along the curve… So it is really just needs to look like what I have to an observer.

These were cut with a torch using a jig which would have caused lossage.