OffsetSrf on a fillet-type face through its singularity

Unlike in V5, V6’s _OffsetSrf ( Solid=No Loose=No BothSides=No) on a fillet-type face with Distance that would at least reach the surface’s singularity is not creating such faces. Is this intentional? If so, maybe instead of reporting them as a “failure”, these skipped offsets should be tallied and reported separately.

If the faces are supposed to be created, having an option to not create them would be good.

Thank you,

Hi Steve - I see that, thanks - I do not know if it is intentional… were you looking to generate that reversed surface, or are you just pointing out the inconsistency?


I like that they are not created, but:

  • I would like to know how many faces were skipped due to this circumstance versus actual failures so I can be aware of the latter.
  • If V6 will make them in the future, please add an option to not do so.

Got it, thanks