OffsetSrf multiple objects

Although it is great that _OffsetSrf can now be stopped with the Escape key,
“Surface offsetting in progress… Press Esc to cancel” is displayed once for each object that is offset, and the display will redraw during the process, not just after it completes or is interrupted.

Please change this behavior so that text added to the command history is kept to a minimum and the command runs more quickly when a significant number of objects are offset.

Thank you,

Hi Steve- just a quick test here but so far I do not see what you report, I don’t think… with a lot of simple objects, Esc just never gets through and the offsets are all completed, and with a few complex objects Esc works immediately.


I sometimes explode a polysurface with hundreds of faces before _OffsetSrf to obtain a quicker result when I don’t need the faces to be extended or connected with rounds.

Do you see that a “Surface offsetting in progress… Press Esc to cancel” is added to the Command History for each object?