Offset's & Offset Loose Graft

Interesting … why offset grafts everything , but offset loose does not?

Because offset loose always returns exactly one outcome for every input curve, whereas the regular offset may return a collection of offset result for every single input curve.

This one-in-many-out relationship results in an extra grafting level.

Thank you David, understood, I think …
But I can “offset loose” the same curve in both directions is it not 2 outcomes? That’s why it puts two resulting curves under one brunch?

And in regular I can offset one curve 3 times in one direction and 3 times in another and resulting curves will be in different brunches?

But in those cases you also input multiple values and the component runs more than once for each solution.

The rhino curve offsetter can yield several results for a single curve offset. Usually this indicates an error and you’re getting partial results instead of nothing, but conceptually the offset of a single curve can yield several correct results, for example when there are several closed loops that get cut off from the other fragments.

Cheers, got it.