Hello, When I offset the curve pointed by the arrow (obtained by the interception of the handle with the surface of the jug) the result is a weird curveOffsetOnSurfaceProblem Jarra 001.3dm (506.7 KB)

The surface seam of the Jug has been moved to avoid being placed in the handle zone

Any ideas on what is happening ?


looks like a bug of offsetCrvOnSrf to me.

splitting with shrink
changing crvSeam
… nothing helped

and a simple example from scratch show s same behavor:
offsetCrvOnSrf_bug.3dm (63.1 KB)

ok, the bug returns a self-intersecting curve
you can find this self-intersection by
for me the point did not work for trimming both ends …
fast and dirty:
draw a sphere arround that point, Radius 0.1 or even 0.01
use this for trimming.
now you can close the curve with
_makePeriodic (you will get some deviation)
or “bridge” the gab with
maybe more precise:
use _cplane _curve to set a custom cplane perpendicular to the curve at the self-intersection-point.
draw a
use the plane to trim
_match the curve ends against each other

find attached the fixed curve

Jarra 002_crvFixed.3dm (3.5 MB)

use the intersection curve to trim a hole into the jar,
offset the resulting edge.

it may have to do with the seam which you moved.

Thank you for the replies.
“use the intersection curve to trim a hole into the jar,
offset the resulting edge.” this worked but it should not be needed. Maybe Pascal can shed some light

This seems to work better in our latest here-

It looks like this is the relevant bug report:

This fix should, I think, be in the next SR candidate. (7.6)


Thank you Pascal