OffsetMesh in pufferfish

Hi @Michael_Pryor In this example, when we get offset mesh mesh, the amount of Offset is not correct, but when I try with the C # tool that I wrote myself, the result is correct. (43.4 KB)


I dont have pf, but I suppose it is outputting a single mesh. Your component outputs a list of meshes.
So probably pf fails because of joining the mesh(maybe a tolerance issue).
EDIT: ok, I think I get what you meant, so forget the answer.

The amount is not incorrect. My both sides is not a Boolean input. It is a value input so you can offset each side a different length if you wanted or even offset same side twice essentially offsetting the center. By making it a true Boolean into a number input, you are telling it to offset 1. Just read the input type and description.

So if you want an equal offset of both side with pf, plug a negative of the offset input into both sides input.

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It doesnโ€™t fail. Pf both side input is not a Boolean input

Yes, of course