OffsetMesh hangs before dialogbox, needs to be multicore?

Hi, I need to offset a 1 million polygon mesh, but when I run the command the computer hangs because OffsetMesh want’s to calculate the preview BEFORE showing me the options. And that is obviously OK on small meshes that calculate fast, but on large ones it isn’t since I can neither cancel the operation, nor set the settings to the desired values yet. So please fix it so it runs on two threads, one that pops up the dialogbox and one that does the preview calculation. Or at least add a cancel function to it that turns off preview and opens the dialogbox.


There is a method called Mesh.Offset in RhinoCommon. So before Rhino updates, you can use Offset Mesh in Grasshopper / Pufferfish as an alternative.

Would a macro like this work with the mesh preselected? (you would need to make sure the mesh normals are oriented in the correct direction and enter the offset value in the macro first…)

_-OffsetMesh Pause 1 Enter

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Hi Mitch and @gankeyu,
Thanks, I’ll look into both alternatives and what I do now is to just make a meshbox and set the values on that one first. But making good workarounds isn’t helping Rhino in improving :wink:

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Takker! :sunny: