OffsetCrvOnSrf creates unwanted duplicates

The blue boundary curve when offset on the surface creates unwanted duplicates. ( tested between 0.4 to 1.1mm )

Also the duplicate offset curves have different point counts.

Is there any thing I can do to stop this from happening ?


offsetCrvDuplicate.3dm (117.3 KB)

Rebuild the surface eliminates the problem.

Thanks, can someone explain why - I like to try and understand these things ?


Hi Keith - I don’t know… I’ll have to put it on the heap for the developer to look at- the surface is non-uniform and rational, but changing that in itself only makes for different incorrect results. Meantime, is there a reason the surface needs to be this complex? It looks like it can be a simple revolve, right?


Thanks Pascal, the surface was created using a profile and a circle with sweep1. Revolve certainly gives a cleaner result.