Offset w/history of curve subobjects - wacky!

Ran across a funny situation with offset. To reproduce:

  • Make a square or any sort of closed polygon or even an open polyline
  • Turn on History
  • Sub-object select one segment
  • Offset the element some distance to the inside or outside
  • Re-subselect the original segment (not the offset) and hit Delete
  • The offset segment disappears - and the offset of the rest of the figure appears…

I understand that the offset segment is related to the original via history, so one might think that when the original is deleted, its offset is also deleted. But IMO, that should not happen - the offset should stay and you should get a history break warning instead. This is what happens if you offset a simple line segment with history and delete the original.

And in any case, the rest of the offset of a multisegment curve should not come back.

Tested in V7 and WIP.