Offset undo within command wish

I use offset a lot and for V6 I wish there was an undo command within offset similar to the way trim works. In fact I don’t think this should be a one shot command but should be similar to trim.

I realize offset now is a one shot command but I do so many of them I have the repeat * setting on the command. This way I can offset a variety of curves without having to re-invoke the offset command all the time but many times I have curves that overlap and occasionally I select the wrong curve I then have to cancel the repeating offset command and hit undo.

For the future I would like offset to work similar to trim, that offset be allowed to work with multiple curves or when prefixed with the repeating * command that undo be allowed to work within the command similar to trim.



@pascal any chance this can get added to the wishlist?

Yep. Added as

These are not visible to the public, yet.



Thanks Pascal