Offset surface with material

When offsetting a surface, there is no way to keep material the same? Lets say I have 50 objects with unique materials (textured), and want to offset the surfaces a little - I have to reassign all 50 materials?


Thanks for the feature request! I added this to the pile as for future reference.

The only way to currently get the offset surface to have the same material as the original is to use a material assignment by Layer in the Layers panel and then have that layer active during the offset. This won’t help if as you described you have 50 separate materials on 50 separate surfaces but I thought I’d offer it as a possibility. There is also a MatchProperties command that can be used after the offset but this too would be time consuming with 50 separate materials/surfaces. Lastly, if you don’t actually need surfaces as the offset geometry, you could use ExtractRenderMesh>SelMesh>OffsetMesh… the material assignment is preserved in this approach.

Ah! Good tip with the mesh :slight_smile: Works as a MacGyver-tape solution for now :wink:

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