Offset surface returns failed solids


This is the polysurface I have now

However, when I offset these surfaces as a whole, I end up with parts that fail to offset

This poly surface was made out of separate parts which could offset individually without any issues

The reason why I want to offset them as a polysurface is so that they will join seamlessly, instead of offsetting them separately and piecing them together, which will create awkward gaps

Any idea as to how this can be fixed? Tried matchsrf/blend srf but couldn’t get them to work.

please help.3dm (14.9 MB)

You should try rebuilding your polysurface such that each surface is untrimmed. For the little hole, you could use a boolean difference after the offset.

How do i rebuild the surface? and what does it mean to be untrimmed? These surfaces were formed from sweeping curves.

It looks a lot like a minimal surface
the normal ones are reversed so the offset fails.

This is a quick reconstruction but can give you an idea of how to deal with this situation.
please help-yop.3dm (14.0 MB) please help-yop.3dm (14.0 MB)

Hi Viktor,

Thanks for cleaning up the model. Did you use matchsurface to create the sides?

I created some guide sections and then I used Sweep 2