Offset Surface Output

If I do OffsetSrf and uncheck delete input, the output is written to the same layer as the input; not the active layer. Thus it is hard to tell the input from the output.

Is there any way to have to output go to a different layer (the active layer)?

hmm… this works for me.

if i do the following :

  • new model
  • make two layers-- L1 & L2
  • draw a Plane on L1
  • make L2 active layer
  • OffsetSrf on the plane. (with Solid on and Delete Input off)
  • the solid will be on L2 and the original surface is on L1

can you try the above steps to see if you’re getting the same results?

Here’s an example. I have a surface in a layer called “Surfaces”.

If I offsetsrf, the output is in that same layer.

Problem70.3dm (112.9 KB)

yeah, i’m seeing that too.

there’s an error when offsetting (it won’t form a solid) but i don’t think that’s the problem…

i’m seeing an inconsistency in behavior… if you try offsetting a single surface, the result will go to the active layer… if you offset a polysurface (such as in your model), the result will then go to the layer that the polysurface is on.

Hi all - I guess this can me twisted back into consistency:

New objects like to end up on the current layer. (Solid=No, new, separate object)
If the new geometry is joined to the input object, (Solid=Yes) then the result goes on the that input object’s layer (not the current layer, btw) since Join has to put the object on some layer and the first object selected in Join wins.


jim’s maybe showing more of an outside case… that being Solid On with Delete Input off.
so the original surface stays and doesn’t need to be joined to the newly created surfaces (from a user pov at least)