Offset Surface much slower on trimmed loft then original loft

Like the title says, there’s a noticeable difference in profile times between the original loft and the trimmed portion when using
rs.OffsetSurface(Surface, Amount, 0.01, Both, Solid)
in ghPython. Is this just due to the surface being trimmed? It doesn’t seem to make a difference if I shrink the trimmed surface. Surely it shouldn’t be this big of a gap. The geometry I am using to trim the surface is a straight solid extrusion created from relatively simple curves. I am unable to upload the files.

I have this component in Pufferfish:

I would like to test your data to see if it is the same speed on mine which is a C# implementation.

Also, keep in mind offsetting with trims is doing a lot more work. It has nothing to do with how simple your base surface is and everything to do with your trim curves. It has to offset the base surface, then offset trim curves from the normal’s of the surface (or maybe reinterpret the curves on the offset surfaces uv domains). Then it has to split the offset with the offset trim curves, then it needs to figure out which parts of the offset surface to trim out.

It’s the same profile time as the rhinoscriptsyntax in python. I imagined that offsetting with trims was doing a lot more work, I just didn’t think it would take that much longer.

You could try using the offset loose component, and/or offset the untrimmed surface, then use copy trim or redo the trimming with your extrusion. Some combination of those methods may be a bit faster but you’ll have to try them out.

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