Offset surface and then extend?


Simple question, not sure what the right way is.
I offset a surface to use it to cut an object in 2, the offset is too small to cut, how do I extend it?


offset_extend.3dm (3.0 MB)

You could try displaying the control points of the surface and then do a uvn-move on the edge points using ‘along extensions’ or maybe ‘tangency’. Double check though, this may not keep the exact offset distance.

How about just ‘untrim’ …?

Thansk, but untrim doesn’t work can’t select edges…

will try that out! thanks!

Hi Philippe - ExtendSrf wil help for a lot of it but you’ll run into problems where you have the singularity at the end. I think I’d trim the whole thing slightly with a smooth curve to get the singularity out of the picture and use Fin > Direction=Tangent Might be good enough.

offset_extend_FinTangent.3dm (380.2 KB)


Hey Pascal! That sounds like good plan! :slight_smile: Gonna give it a shot! Thanks!