Offset surface and then extend?



Simple question, not sure what the right way is.
I offset a surface to use it to cut an object in 2, the offset is too small to cut, how do I extend it?


offset_extend.3dm (3.0 MB)

(Rob McPherson) #2

You could try displaying the control points of the surface and then do a uvn-move on the edge points using ‘along extensions’ or maybe ‘tangency’. Double check though, this may not keep the exact offset distance.

(Chris Kuether ) #3

How about just ‘untrim’ …?


Thansk, but untrim doesn’t work can’t select edges…


will try that out! thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Philippe - ExtendSrf wil help for a lot of it but you’ll run into problems where you have the singularity at the end. I think I’d trim the whole thing slightly with a smooth curve to get the singularity out of the picture and use Fin > Direction=Tangent Might be good enough.

offset_extend_FinTangent.3dm (380.2 KB)



Hey Pascal! That sounds like good plan! :slight_smile: Gonna give it a shot! Thanks!