Offset Sub D

How come I can not select the subD surface to create a offsetSubD. I am trying to create a shell.

Hello - it is impossible to say, without a file.


Paul D mask rev1.3dm (1.4 MB)

There is no subd in this model…

I don’t understand I used the SubD plane


Show everything in the model and run selsubd. Nothing lights up. Not sure what happened, but there is no subd in the model.

Hi @Paul_Dermenjian
Looking at your model, I’m guessing that you at some point used either trim or split to cut the edge of the mask. That will convert your Sub-D to NURBS. I notice that the command prompt doesn’t inform you that the Sub-D has been converted - it just states that “One polysurface split into 2 pieces” (or whatever the numbers are). Maybe that should be changed, so that the user is informed of the conversion from Sub-D to NURBS, @theoutside and @pascal? Something along the lines of “One Sub-D was converted to NURBS polysurface and split into 2 pieces”. But please nothing like the history break warning! :grimacing:
HTH, Jakob

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Hei Jakob -

That feature request is on the list as RH-60877; I’ve added your voice.

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yeah… we have shied away from those due to the history break warnings clear lack of popularity…

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