Offset & series


I’ve got a question – please find attached a screenshoot.
As you can see, I am trying to do and offset of a polygon, an irregular triangle. Each represents a floor and its to be offsetted continuously by 2 metres more than the lower floor (0,2,4,6…) after the offset command has been run, all the curves are joined into one group. I tried running “list item” but in this specific case it wont work (i have run this command before, with array linear, and it worked - i dont know if the offset command works different?. Any idea what could be done?

In the screenshot you an see I continued with extrude, cap etc. This gave me a wanted result but treating all the curves as a whole. I wanted to further rotate each but this cannot be done, as it is a group.

Thank you!

PS. Two parallel parametres flow because each treats a tower respectively

Grasshopper groups are meant to transform collections of shapes together, you cannot index items inside groups or have components which operate on curves work on groups made up of curve elements.

However without a gh file is hard to say what’s really going on.

Dear David,

Thank you very much!
I somehow managed to solve this issue!