Offset selected objects

is it possible or is there a script to offset selected objects using a closed planar polyline or curve?

Hi Violine,

I have a script that Pulls objects to a curve with at a certain percentage.
This creates the option to “overpull” an object.
the script:
wd_PullObjectsToCurve_ex.rvb (1.7 KB)

The sript is setup to be drag-dropped over Rhino.
It will register an Alias named after the file (wd_PullObjectsToCurve_ex)
The Alias likes to the script file so you should keep the rvb file in a folder where it can remain.
You can always move it and drag drop again to re-register.

Below some explanation of the result of various percentages:

Here your situation with 2 pitfalls you might have to clear manually:



Thank you Willem for your help, I forgot to mention that my objects are scattered mesh grass blocks and it seems in this case it does not work and for some reason they move on z axis, the ideal situation would be to limit their movement along xy and move them by x units, but still thanks for the effort.

Hi Violine,

Too bad it did not work as expected. For now I have to leave it at this as I’m working on a project that needs to get finished.